We help companies find automation solutions

We recognize, understand and offer what the market requires and what companies need to strengthen their business and operational efficiency.


From Automation to Z

From solutions based on CAD / CAM design platforms of the 1980s, to the markets of the new millennium, we have always distinguished ourselves for the complete range of services and support with high technological content.

  • High technical quality products that meet all legislative directives and / or highly customized for each customer
  • After-sales service with maintenance and availability contracts (up to H24 365GG/Year)
  • Flexibility and high specialization
  • Continuous updating of the proposed technologies

A constantly growing reality

Ours is a growth that is measured, weighted and commensurate with the needs of a market in constant enlargement and diversification.

Over the years our staff has grown numerically, but above all qualitatively, thanks to an adequate presence of graduates in computer science and electronics. Just like our structures in terms of size and comfort of the offices, as well as infrastructures and IT and non-IT means.

By virtue of the protection, prevention and safety equipment as well as specific training, our technicians are allowed to access and operate in any industrial context.


We develop customized software based on your needs

Where standard management software don't cover all the operational needs of a company, which may relate to specialized technical, scientific and managerial content and skills, our customized software proposals, mainly web-based, comes into play. The advantages of choosing tailor-made services are evident both in terms of efficiency and flexibility, benefits that allow you to save time and work, i.e. productivity and economic returns.

Our operational areas are:

  • Traceability systems
  • Management for industrial processes
  • Process digitization
  • Applications for batch records
  • Monitoring of test lines for statistical use
  • Artificial intelligence algorithms


Our employees

Our team is made up of a Technical Director, an Office Manager, eight technicians, two Sales Engineers and a Quality Sales Manager: all with one goal, to make our company an innovative, reliable and solid reality.


Our identity


We work to give our customers security, because a good collaboration cannot be built without trust.


We are always careful to market developments to propose solutions in line with the needs of companies.


We commit our resources to make the complex simple and immediate.


We work alongside our customers to listen to their needs and offer our support from the beginning to the end of the process.

“If you can not measure it, you can not improve it.”

William Thomson