Active Energy and Alarm Management system for monitoring and controlling consumption.


The basis of a good energy efficiency

E3m, Environment Energy Efficiency and Management, is the Energy Data Management system that allows you to obtain and maintain a complete and timely visibility on the energy performance of plants.

The data collected by the instrumentation in the field are stored in the integrated database and displayed in the form of customizable graphs and reports, providing all the necessary tools for the continuous and progressive improvement of the energy efficiency of each site distributed throughout the territory.


  • Compliance with ISO-50001 standard
  • Open and scalable solution
  • Fully web-based user interface
  • Automatic data aggregation and automatic calculation of derived measures
  • Possibility of directly managing pre-billing and cost centers


E3m is


It offers integrated alarm functions, schedulers and local interfaces. It is also available as a classic resident software system or in Saas (Service as a Service).


It allows you to create various types of graphs for viewing consumption trends and environmental variables in a simple and immediate way.


Designed to meet the customer's needs, adapting to the existing infrastructure and allowing the safeguard of previous investments.


It allows you to collect, process and analyze long-term energy data in order to identify the existence of potential savings.