Emissions monitoring

Continuous monitoring systems of gaseous emissions into the atmosphere.


The current scenario

In response to the high levels of atmospheric pollution, the Italian State, in collaboration with the authorities in charge, such as the EU, ARPA, ISPRA and the regions, has made the continuous monitoring of atmospheric emissions mandatory for some industrial plants.

Our core business

Reducing the impact of emissions into the atmosphere is not just a legal obligation, but a civil and social duty. Therefore we have specialized in the design and engineering of SME systems and the market has made it our core-business, ensuring companies an ecological impact as low as possible.


SME: applications for emissions monitoring

Highly technological and functioning recording system and continuous emissions monitoring.

Monitor the emissions


What our offer includes

The deep knowledge of European, local and international regulations allows us to offer our SME package, configured and sized according to the customer's needs, in absolute compliance with the legal provisions in force.

Our solutions include:

  • Hardware interface systems for signal acquisition (PLC and remote I / O)
  • PC and network hardware, for a real "turnkey" offer
  • Complete AEDOS system in compliance with the provisions of ARPA Lombardia