Predictive system for estimating the concentrations of pollutants in combustion processes.


Artificial intelligence predictions

PEMS, Predictive Emission Monitoring System, is the latest generation software solution used as an alternative to traditional analytical instrumentation.

It uses the most sophisticated and innovative mathematical techniques, statistics and IT infrastructure in order to improve and maximize the effectiveness of the prediction.

  • Automatic acquisition of process variables used for prediction
  • Integration with control, automation and supervision systems through the most popular communication protocols
  • Real-time validation of sensors and process variables
  • Implementation of inferential computation and historical analysis libraries
  • Creation of a neural model with self-learning and diagnosis capabilities
  • Transmission of predictions to automation systems
  • Calculation of performance indices according to EPA Performance Specification 16 and other recognized standards
  • Publication of the results in graphical and tabular form on specific WEB pages
  • Quick and flexible setup
  • Innovative and profitable solution in economic and maintenance terms
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As recognized by the environmental authorities, it meets the requirements imposed by the law in terms of analysis and continuous recording of emissions.


Based on the most sophisticated mathematical modeling techniques such as neural networks, it is able to implement self-learning logics for the reconciliation of the predictive model.


The system offers a diagnostic and alarm service via SMS or e-mail for high criticality reports.


The high level of abstraction makes it flexible and suitable for any type of system.