It is the web application dedicated to the management of quality verification functions for emission measurement and analysis systems, in accordance with the EN 14181: 2015 standard.



The cloud and intranet solution in compliance with the law

The functions offered by the product allow the simplified and homogeneous management of all the operations required by the standard, such as insertion of instrumental verification tests, processing of control charts, and much more, regardless of the type of instrumentation and data processing system.

  • Manual insertion and automatic acquisition of instrumental verification tests
  • Processing of EWMA, Shewhart and CUSUM control charts
  • Tracking and reporting of drift and accuracy errors
  • Production and download of verification reports, calibration certificates and control charts
  • Management of maintenance and instrumental calibration
  • Management of reference standards (cylinders, cells, etc.)
  • Support for verification with reserve instrumentation according to EN14181: 2015
  • Notification and alarm service via SMS or e-mail
  • Tracking of operations and protection of sensitive data


Qual3 รจ


It is made with the latest web technologies and is accessible from a common browser for PC, smartphone or tablet.


It supports the functions of instrumental verification using reference standards or for comparison between main and backup instruments.


It allows complete tracking of operations and authentication on the Cloud site, requiring an SMS verification code to ensure, together with the encrypted connection, the highest level of security.


It supports both manual entry and the automatic acquisition of verification cycles from instrumentation or supervision systems and an advanced email / SMS service is provided for critical reports.