System for the continuous recording and monitoring of gaseous emissions into the atmosphere.


Union between industry and the environment

SME, Emission Monitoring System, uses the data acquisition and management functions of the SCADA platform to provide a reliable, scalable, modular and tested solution.

  • SCADA-based original design and development
  • Real time emission data processing module
  • Standard and specific report processing module
  • EN14181: 2015 QAL2 / QAL3 extension module
  • WEB site for publishing data to control bodies
  • Aedos System of the Lombardy Region
  • Environmental Consultancy and Management Manuals
  • Maintenance, assistance and remote service


SME is


Compliant with all legal requirements for emissions monitoring applications. It allows the operators of polluted plants to monitor emissions in compliance with current regulations.


It allows data archiving according to FDA Cfr 21 part 11 which ensures controlled access, traceability of information and data inviolability.


It can be interfaced with any type of analytical instrumentation, with plant DCS systems, with multiple databases and with AEDOS stations for communication with ARPA Lombardia.


The entire data acquisition and management infrastructure is the result of thirty years of experience and over 800 installations around the world.