Energy monitoring

Energy performance monitoring to discover savings potential.


Energy and complete diagnosis

We collect, process and analyze long-term energy data to identify the most efficient ways of managing energy and quantities of economic value. Our Energy Data Management system is open, scalable, configurable to offer the timely and correct display of energy performance and, above all, identify anomalies, which cause significant unexpected costs.

10 years of energy monitoring

To respond to market developments, between 2010 and 2011 we brought Sileno's E3m to Italy, one of the most complete and versatile energy monitoring solutions (and more) available today.

Our response to the market

We are able to provide the answer to the needs of each customer, from the simple supply of the Energy Data Management system, to its installation, configuration and operation. Among our solutions, we have a network of installers and electricians able to provide, on a national scale, any adaptation works of the site systems and related structures.


E3m: applications for energy monitoring

Energy Data Management system that allows the monitoring and control of energy consumption.

Enhance the performance


What our offer includes

We offer an articulated network of services such as:

  • Study of the hardware and software architecture of the supervision system
  • Configuration and installation
  • Consulting and planning
  • Application development support
  • Problem analysis and problem-solving
  • Network of installers and electricians
  • Assistance and management of energy management systems