Our offers

We provide companies with highly technological and customizable systems to increase operational efficiency.

Control Maestro: applications for industrial supervision

The innovative software platform for open, complete and scalable site-wide automation, supported by the SCADA system and completely web-based.

Amadas: management of multiple systems in a single software

A convenient and customized management system that allows you to control one or more analysis systems in single or complex configurations, in chemical and petrochemical process applications.

E3m: improvement of energy efficiency

It is the Energy Data Management system that allows you to have and maintain complete and timely visibility on your energy performance.

Pems: artificial intelligence-friendly predictions

It is the latest generation software solution for estimating pollutant concentrations in emission monitoring systems.

Sme: the combination of industry and environment

It uses Control Maestro's data acquisition and management capabilities to provide a strong, proven, scalable, and modular solution for continuous emission recording and monitoring.

Qal3: manager of quality control functions

It is the web application that allows the simplified and homogeneous management of all the operations required by the law, regardless of the instrumentation or data processing system.